Supporting Tim Knol and selling EPs

Aug 28, 2011
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Wednesday august 31 we will be playing the Zeeland Nazomerfestival on the Abbeysquare in Middelburg. A beautiful location with very good acoustic qualities. We play a half hour set starting at 20.30 hr. Singer/ songwriter Tim Knol is headlining the evening and will be on after us. It will be our last show before we hit the Small Room Recordings studios again. We have some new killer tracks and we can`t wait to record them. Hopefully we can share them with you by the end of the year.

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Tuxedo Bandido and Danny Vera join forces

Aug 12, 2011
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Two months ago we released our new single Take me Back; a jazzy song with a surprise. The song featured a mysterious singer. We challenged you to guess who it was. Marianne Paauwe is our amiga with the best ears. She was the first one to guess right. Therefore she is the winner of the infamous TB bag-of-fun (a bottle of TB-wine, a TB-dvd with the song`s video and a bouncy beachball).

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