House of Cards, our new fr€€ single!!

House of Cards, our new fr€€ single!!

Apr 19, 2013
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House of Cards is our new single, you can download it for free here on our website or from our player on the right. It’s a groovy eclectic dance song about the sinner’s mind of a gambling man who’s obsessed about the Queen of Hearts. Yes it`s really free, no strings attached. The only thing that we ask of you is to leave a comment on our website, twitter- or facebook page when you like the song. Same goes for the video.

Feel free to share the song and video when you like it. Or, like we always say: Spread the word to a third! The song is a TB-original. Written, recorded and produced in our own Small Room Recordings studio. The video is a collaboration between Tuxedo Bandido and Frans Penning.

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