TB-crew:  Modern ratpack

'TB3: The Modern Ratpack'

Who are we?

Tuxedo Bandido is formed by singer/ guitarist/ producer Maxim S. Calda, leadguitarist Mr. Swanky and bassplayer Peetman. The band, that has made “we love the past, we live the present and we welcome the future” its credo, mixes a twangy guitar sound with modern beats and popmusic with retro- and latin influences. The band`s inspiration comes from both the past and present and a wide variety of musical styles. But spyfi series from the 50`s and 60`s, TV-series and film noir are also a good starting point for the band. All songs are written, recorded and produced  in Maxims ‘SMALL ROOM recordings’ and are released on the band`s own label, ‘A Sir James Production’.

Tres Compadres: Drinkin' Tequila

'To the Max again'


In 2004 the band –which was a duo at the time formed by Maxim S. Calda and Mr. Swanky- released their debut album ‘A Splendid Idea Compadre’. Despite the good reviews the compadres didn`t feel the urge to hit the stage. However the band remained active in the studio. In 2007 Peetman joined the band and TB became the trio they are now. The year after that the band made their live-debut in a sold out ‘De Piek’. They hyped this show with a free downloadable new single; ‘To The Max Again’. At the end of 2009 they released another free single: ‘Where The Birds Go’. The video of this song was the winner of an episode of  ‘Afzien?!’, a tv-show hosted by DJ

Promo of The Old Days

'TB in the Old Days'

Giel Beelen that discusses and rates Dutch music-videos. In 2010 the band was selected for a project called Pop aan Zee (Pop by the Sea). This is a project that helps bands to develop their skills on all areas of music. They were assigned to bandcoach Niels Aalberts, manager of Kyteman and Only Seven Left. This year, 2011, started of great for the band. In january they were invited to the 3FM studios where they played ‘To The Max Again’ live on Bert van Lent`s show Turbulent.

TB live!!

A TB-live show is not only meant for the ears, it also gives you something to look at. The compadres are all suited up, they bring nice props for on stage and –when possible-, they have their VJ Marc Vos making a live video-mix in the background. Therefore a TB isn`t just a musical performance, it`s an experience.


Party on with the TB-crew

'TB live experience'


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